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This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31

Many new sorts of food are available. Roasting inedible seeds make them edible, boiling eggs does the same to raw eggs. Mined "living rock" can be butchered for meat, mined "cave fungus" can be made into cheese. Another new cheese can be made from boozebelly goats, which is alcoholic and can be fermented into drinks.

You can use meat to make ground meat or, combined with vermin remains, sausages. You can also extract blood from fresh meat, for all kinds of purposes from sacrifices to dark magic.

You can use flour or sugar milled from plants to either bake bread or make candy. Note that DF cant find ingredients inside bags that are inside barrels. So store this in a stockpile without barrels.

If you farm silk moths you can boil their cocoons here to extract the silk threads.

You can boil horn/hoof materials here to create glue. Glue is needed for binding books and the making of plywood, and other sources include spore-trees or bloated tubers.