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Stonecrafter's workshop


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This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31

A stonecrafter's workshop is where stonecrafters create stone furniture from stone blocks. This includes items that cannot be made by the mason's workshop such as beds, bins, barrels and buckets. A small selection of magma-safe objects are also available.


Stonecrafter's Workshop

Common Uses[edit]

  • Construct stone beds, not normally available to be made out of stone.
  • Construct magma-safe blocks and furniture from those blocks, useful in magma traps and on volcano embarks.
  • Construct stone bins and barrels for item storage, useful when wood supplies are low.


  • This workshop can be extremely effective when paired with the mass-produced concrete from a slag pit or bricks from a brick oven.
  • The hotkeys b, d, h, r, and u are listed as being used twice. Using these keys creates the items first listed with the hotkey in the menu (for example, b creates armor stands, not magma-safe blocks).