Masterwork:Caravanserai shadowbroker

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Caravanserai Shadowbroker


Job Requirement


Materials Jobs
  • Scribe
Materials Used
  • Captives (when selling)
  • Clockwork parts (when selling)
  • Gold and platinum coins (when buying)
Goods Created
This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31

The Caravanserai Shadowbroker is one of four orcish workshops used for trade. The Shadowbroker deals mainly in captives, migrants, blueprints and tools. Gold coins can be exchanged for platinum, 5,000 at a time for 2,000 platinum coins.


  • Captives (1,000 to 2,000 gold coins, 50% chance of 1,000 platinum coins)
  • Clockwork parts (500 platinum coins, up to 2,000 gold coins)


  • 1-3 orichalcum (1,000 platinum coins)
  • Toolkits (1,000 platinum coins for 1 human, elf, dwarf or drow toolkit)
  • Goblin or kobold migrant (2,000 gold coins)
  • Buccaneer tavern blueprint (5,000 gold coins)
  • Caravanserai blueprint (1,000 platinum coins)