Masterwork:Den of iniquity

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Temple of sin


Job Requirement


Materials Jobs


Materials Used
Goods Created
  • Corrupt sentient prisoners
  • Seduce minotaurs
This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31

The Den of iniquity is a workshop available to the Succubus race. It allows Succubi to corrupt captured sentient beings, or to turn minotaurs to their side. In both cases, the creature becomes a member of the civilization.

The easier way to turn hostile is to trap them with a cage trap first and build b j the cage near the workshop (use x while building cage to select the occupied ones). They must be freed afterwards by linking the cages to a level then pulling it. Be warned that turned creatures will require food and drinks once transformed.

Reaction Key Materials Result
Charm minotaurs m Seduces nearby minotaurs, who become friendly to the fort.
Corrupt prisoners p Transforms nearby caged/chained prisoners into hybrids. They will act as complete citizens and can perform task or join the military.

The worker undergoes a transformation while performing these rituals.