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Urist likes centaurs for their strength.

No portrait




· Fanciful

Cannot be tamed

Adult at: Birth
Max age: Immortal
Cannot be butchered

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Centaurs are fanciful creatures which are merely the stuff of legends. They do not actually exist, appearing only in engravings as the fancy of artists. A female centaur is known as a centauress.

Some dwarves like centaurs for their strength.

The "Centaur" Problem[edit]

"We've got the "centaur" problem, or whatever, where I wanna take any piece of anything, and slap it onto something else... That has complications in terms of the materials, and the body parts, and that kind of thing that need to be worked out." - Toady One, Dwarf Fortress Talk #28 [38:26]

Procedurally generating centaurs has been discussed since the days of Dwarf Fortress's predecessor, Slaves to Armok. Combining two creature objects, such as a human with the lower body of a horse, and respecting the raw files and body structure of each component is a consideration that the nonexistent nature of the centaur and the other fanciful hybrid creatures allude to.

Though creatures like merpeople and satyrs are conceptually hybrids, they are singular, manual, implementations rather than a system that can generate any number of chimeric beings based on combining existing creatures. Experiments are generated from a hardcoded random creature profile rather than being based on their input creature.

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Some trolls like centaurs for their milk.

Admired for its strength.

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