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Hungry head

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Hungry head
Hungry head sprite.png


Urist likes hungry heads for their terrifying features.

  • Underground Depth: 3

· Flying

Cannot be tamed 
Birth: 200 cm3
Mid: 2,000 cm3
Max: 5,000 cm3

Adult at: Birth
Max age: 10-20
Butchering returns

Food items

Meat 3
Fat 3
Brain 0-1
Lungs 2
Intestines 1
Liver 0-1
Tripe 0-1

Raw materials

Bones 2
Skull 1
Skin Raw hide
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A fearsome, long-toothed mouth the size of a man's head, flying on bat wings. It is found in deep caves.

Hungry heads are flying pests found in the third cavern layer in groups of five to ten individuals. They are similar to crundles and troglodytes in their abundance and lethality, being different only in that they can fly and have only three outside body-parts (a head and two wings). They do not pose much danger to adventurers or decently equipped military, though their ability to fly can make them a job-interrupting nuisance in fortress mode and you may occasionally lose a civilian dwarf to them if you do not take care.

Hungry heads possess a pet value of 50, but lack the necessary tokens to be trainable. All members of the species possess Legendary skill in climbing. They can't be spawned in the object testing arena.

Some dwarves like hungry heads for their terrifying features.

Admired for its terrifying features.
Art by rhesusmacabre
"Hungry head" in other Languages Books-aj.svg aj ashton 01.svg
Dwarven: fokásh ser
Elvish: ume íne
Goblin: esno ostam
Human: ubac aru