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Urist likes griffons for their strength.



· Fanciful

Cannot be tamed

Adult at: Birth
Max age: Immortal
Cannot be butchered

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Griffons are fanciful creatures which are merely the stuff of legends. They do not actually exist, appearing only in engravings as the fancy of artists.

Some dwarves like griffons for their strength.

"Griffon" in other Languages Books-aj.svg aj ashton 01.svg
Dwarven: sumun
Elvish: sinaru
Goblin: oxdu
Human: kajeth
Admired for its strength.
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Some griffins have been known to fly to an island off the coast of Maine, fly to the top of the island and claim the island by the name of Griffin Rock. When the griffin dies of old age, humans will take the island and often bring four giant robots to protect them.

Griffins have been spotted eating a banana with the peel still on.

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